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Sunday, June 22, 2008

BOY A : Movie Screening

Jules of Cinema Movie Blog

Boy A
by Julia Marchese

Official Selection
2008 Tribeca Film Festival
2008 Berlin Film Festival
2007 Toronto Film Festival
2007 London Film Festival

Screens at the Los Angeles Film Festival June 27-28

Opening July 23, 2008 in NY at The Film Forum and July 25, 2008 in LA at the NuArt.

Not Yet Rated by the MPAA
Running Time 100 minutes

I went into the screening of “Boy A” completely blind. I had no idea what the movie was about, when or where it was made, who was in it, nothing. I got a pleasant surprise.

The film was made in England and directed by John Crowley (INTERMISSION, CELEBRATION, THE PILLOWMAN). Newcomer Andrew Garfield plays Jack Burridge, a 23 year old boy just released from a psychological prison. He had been there since he was 10, after committing a horrible crime. Peter Mullan (THE MAGDALENE SISTERS, CHILDREN OF MEN) plays Terry, the boy’s guardian during his tough transition into the real world.

The performances in this film are superb. Garfield has the lost puppy dog eyes and shy smile that makes the audience sympathize with him, even when we learn of his hideous past. Mullan shines as Terry, a man who just wants the world to believe that even “bad” people are inherently good, and can change for the better. Katie Lyons (GREEN WING) does an incredible job as Michelle, the girl that Jack falls for. She presents the character as self assured and playful, but with a longing underneath.

Although this movie is very intense and a bit disturbing I think it really works. It never veers into melodrama, and really lets you see the world through the eyes of the characters. It’s definitely worth seeing.

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