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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movie Blog : Rad

Jules of Cinema Movie Blog
by Julia Marchese

Released 1986

I’m a huge 80’s teen movie fan. I thought I had seen them all, but there’s always going to be those movies that slip between the cracks, and Rad was one of those movies. I didn’t see it until I was an adult, and I was a little concerned it was going to be lame. See, I had high expectations because my brother had given me the soundtrack on cassette when I was a kid and I grew up listening to it and loving it. But I hadn’t seen them film. What if I saw the movie and it ruined my love for the soundrack?

Don’t worry, it didn’t. Rad is justly titled. If you are looking for a super dated, super bitchin’ BMX movie that freely uses terms like “hell track” and “ass sliding”, this is certainly the film for you. Starring actual BMX-er Bill Allen as hometown boy Cru Jones and Lori Loughlin as the comely pro biker, Christian, the film also throws some classic 80’s cameos our way with Talia Shire as Cru’s hard ass mom, and Ray Walston as the crusty old guy. Wait, Ray Walstons always the crusty old guy. He’s even crustier here.

As the pro BMX-ers invade their small town to set up Hell Track, the ultimate BMX show down, local boys are getting elbowed out of competing. Cru thinks he can win! Unfortunately, so do the corporate no goods behind the competition and they’re determined to do everything in their power to stop him from winning. And his mom wants him to take the SATs that day! He needs to concentrate on his future, dammit. What will he choose? Cru, the usual 80’s pugnacious leads, shows the fortitude and sly know how to beat those big bad guys!! Or does he? I don’t want to give anything away here….

A bitchin’ soundtrack, genuinely charming leads and a super rad dancing on bikes scene. See it. Its Rad. (get it?)

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