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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MGMT "Electric Feel" : Music Video Review

Artist: MGMT
Video: "Electric Feel"
Album: Oracular Spectacular
2008/Columbia Records
by Jess Correos

Somewhere between a cross of Woodstock and A Midsummer Night's Dream,
MGMT's music video "Electric Feel" satiates the hunger of
neo-psychedelics that weren't living during the original era of peace,
love and understanding.

The video begins with Andrew VanWyngarden making his way through a
mystical forest where he finds himself in a gathering of
hippie-looking villagers. He later meets up with his homie, Ben
Goldwasser, where they lead a colorful, musical orgy. Throughout the
video, the village kids are in a trance as they grind and shake their
bums to the duo's retro-techno sound mixed with sultry vocals thanks
to VanWyngarden. With lyrics such as "Ooh girl, shock me like an
electric eel" and "Turn me on with your electric feel" how can you not
get in the mood?

As the display of visual candy continues, the viewer can be possibly
caught off guard yet delighted by a band comprised of puppet animals;
the band somewhat emulates the instrument-playing puppets at Chuck E.
Cheese's and at the Disneyland attraction, Splash Mountain. These
animals, probably dwellers of the forest, may not have been randomly
placed there after all!

The climax entails a moon being anchored then descended into the
villagers' gathering where VanWyngarden cuts it open so that the
congregation can drink and smother themselves in the colorful goo that
seeps out...and of course, the party continues. By the end, the kids
release the moon back into the night sky, but the merriment doesn't
end there, folks. VanWygarden and Goldwasser decide to hop on their
flying motorcyles where they go cruising until they crash into the
moon, causing a massive explosion. The partying villagers then find
themselves in a shower of the moon's glowing smithereens and alas, the
grand finish of a vibrant and magical celebration!

Go ahead, don't be shy; grab a flower, put it in your hair and cover
yourself in body paint (or goo, which ever you prefer) because
"Electric Feel" is optically and audibly stimulating and spectacular,

Watch "Electric Feel"

For more MGMT, go to www.whoismgmt.com and www.myspace.com/mgmt

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