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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Derby: CD Review

Artist: Derby
Album: Posters Fade
2008/Green Submarine Records
by Genie Sanchez

Over the years the music trends change. Sometimes it's sad, and most times it's greatly appreciated. One genre I do miss is the indie-pop scene of the 1990's, when catchy guitar riffs skipped gleefully along side a rolling rhythm section thru the schoolyard. I was very pleased to discover Portland, Oregon's own Derby. A three piece band made up of Nat Johnson, David Gulick, and Isaac Frost. Their new album, Posters Fade, is filled with addicting drum beats accompanied by head bopping bass lines, mellow-pop guitar and soothing vocals. Believe it or not, you can actually legitimately rock out to this album with a kazoo! The melodies instantly get stuck in your head with no intention of ever leaving…and that's a good thing! This album very well could be the perfect soundtrack to road trip with friends. The second track "All or Nothing" starts with an infectious hand clapping beat that blends well with the harmonies throughout the song. The title track "Posters Fade" gives off a chunky bass line while the guitar plays off a danceable rhythm. If you like Sloan, the Shins and remember the Gin Blossoms then Derby's Posters Fade will fit you like a glove.

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