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Thursday, May 29, 2008

G.G. Elvis & the T.C.P. Band : CD Review

G.G. Elvis & the T.C.P. Ban

Artist: G.G. Elvis & the T.C.P. Band
Album: Back From the Dead
2008/Mental Records
by Genie Sanchez

I always love a good punk band; I think that's really where my roots run. There's nothing better than getting your angst out while listening to a good, dirty, sweaty punk record. It can cure all aliments...I'm sure of it! On the other hand some good old fashioned rock n' roll never hurt anybody. I'm talking about Sun Records rock n' roll, stuff everyone knows the words too. I don't care what country you're from, what your age is or anything. It's those good wholesome songs from the 1950's that really make the world go round, stuff like Elvis, the king. I think many would agree that too much of a good thing is never enough, I like to think that too much of a good thing will satisfy all. That's what I hear with G.G. Elvis & the T.C.P. Band's new album, Back from the Dead. In short, this is a tribute to Elvis on a punk rock platter flavored with G.G. Allin. I know that sounds like a weird bitter taste but it works, it's all the wholesomeness of Elvis topped with the tartness of G.G. Allin. Both are kings, one is rock the other is punk, too much of a good thing will satisfy all. The band is made up of members from NOFX, Aggression, Bad Samaritans, Ill Repute, and Stalag 13 and of course Dr. Know, so these guys know what they are doing. Each track hits like a freight train, from the rendition of "Viva Las Vegas" (which makes you feel like any granny can pogo her way to the slot machines), to the mosh pit attracting cover of "Suspicious Minds," right along to the trashing version of "Love Me Tender." This whole album guarantees a fun filled mosh pit appropriate for any age. Punk meets Elvis, it doesn't get any better!

For more info => MySpace.com/ggelvis

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