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Friday, May 9, 2008

Hyaena Gallery : Interviews w/ Bill Shafer, Clint Carney and Jeremy Cross

by M'Lou

Tucked away in the serene community of Burbank, a treasure trove of eclectic goodies and art exists within the four walls of the Hyaena Boutique and Gallery. Hyaena's head honcho, Bill Shafer, has successfully created an unpretentious, artist-friendly environment where you can indulge your darker side without breaking the bank.

Owner Bill Shafer, Painting by Clint Carney [photo by M'Lou Elkins]

Drawing from it's unique "Artist Pack," the gallery hosts two solo art shows per month and with names like Clara Boo, Evil Paul and Suzi Boneshaker... you know you're in for a spooky treat! Currently on display is the dark, surrealistic horror art by Clint Carney. This is the first solo show at Hyaena for Clint and it's undoubtedly been a huge success. Only 8 days in to his show, at least half of his pieces have already sold. Clint is also the singer/songwriter for the industrial/gothic bands System Syn and Fake, and he plays keyboards for Imperative Reaction. System Syn's new single "Like Every Insect" is available in stores May 27th and their new album, End, drops June 17th.

Clint Carney [photo by M'Lou Elkins]

We recently chatted up Bill, Clint and fellow artist Jeremy Cross at Hyaena Gallery. Jeremy's artwork "sews together aspects of outsider, folk and Muerte," and he's had three shows at Hyaena in two years and credits this to "time travel." Among his interests are drunk painting, frolicking and general cavorting with an occasional bout of skipping to my Lou (this last part I found especially amusing since...well, that's basically my name). Jeremy is currently part of a group show at Art Slave Gallery in Los Angeles. Clint's current show runs at Hyaena until May 15th.

Jeremy Cross [photo by M'Lou Elkins]

Hyaena Gallery is located at 1928 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91506 and on the web at HyaenaGallery.com and Myspace.com/HyaenaGallery. Head over to MySpace.com/SystemSyn for more info on Clint Carney's art and music and MySpace.com/BotchedCross for more goods on Jeremy Cross. Check out our on-camera interviews with the guys and see why we all love Hyaena Gallery... then go there and make lots of purchases!

(Full coverage - including more interview footage and a 'real' write-up about Hyaena Gallery done by an 'actual' writer - coming July 1st when we launch the brand new MishMashMag.com!)


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