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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hatebreed To Release New DVD

by DJ Troll

Hatebreed will release a DVD called “Live Dominance” this September, but even the singer of the band, Jamey Jasta, says he has not had the exact date revealed to him.

Hatebreed has never released a DVD before but the band’s members hope to make gold with “Live Dominance”.

Jasta says that going gold is Hatebreed’s goal with this release because Hatebreed has never had a DVD go gold before.

The DVD includes footage taped mainly in Detroit but also in Germany, Philedelphia, New York City, and New Haven, Conn. In addition it includes a music video recorded in Europe during “Hatebreed’s Supremacy World Tour.” Jasta says that owning a copy worth the money.

He says, “Please go to the store and buy it rather than copy it. We need your support. You won’t be disappointed. It’s worth the money.”

In addition to the live DVD, Hatebreed is also releasing a live album this summer produced by legendary drummer Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan, Hell Yeah). The live CD has not yet been titled.

Jasta says Hatebreed is pleased with the whole line-up of this year’s Jagermeister tour. Of course, he may be particularly happy to be singing in the headlining band, but he also says, Type O Neg is an old favorite of theirs and the guys in 3 Inches of Blood are their friends from last year’s Ozzfest.

You may still be able to catch the sixth annual Jagermeister Tour in a city near you. See every upcoming tour date listed at www. hatebreed. com. If you do catch a show, you may buy band merchandise directly, save money and support the tour!

Coincidentally I spoke to Jasta before their recent show in New Orleans about the cost of diesel for touring bands.

He said, “Diesel is expensive; like five dollars a gallon.”
Since Jagermeister is sponsoring the tour you might think they would supply everything, but I found out that’s not exactly true either.

The band does however get as many logo flip-flops, matchbooks and T-shirts as they desire and almost all the Jagermeister they can stomach!

Ah, the life of a rockstar.

More info => MySpace.com/Hatebreed

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